Windows Movie Maker Download On Windows 10

We have been showing our creativity for a long time with Movie Maker in Windows.

Windows Movie Maker software is a simple to use utility by which we can quickly create movies by combining our videos, pictures, and music altogether.

Windows Movie Maker is a nice free video editing software that is easy to use and learn.

Windows Movie Maker Download For Windows 10

Unfortunately, Windows Movie Maker is not supported for Windows 10, but you can still download Movie Maker from Microsoft Official site if you want it.

In this guide, i will show you Windows Movie Maker Download and how to install Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10.

Windows Movie Maker Download

Note that Windows Movie Maker 12 is included in Windows Essentials 2012.

So when you begin the installation, you will see that the Windows Essentials 2012 is installing, but don’t worry it will install Windows Movie Maker as it as bundled in Windows Essentials 2012.

  • Click Download Windows Movie Maker free . When you see the Microsoft site with the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button click on it and in no time Windows Movie Maker will be downloaded on your PC/Laptop.
  • I am using Google Chrome Web browser and my download can be seen below.

Download Windows Movie Maker

  • Now double click on the downloaded Windows Essentials 2012 setup file to begin the installation.

Movie Maker Installing

  • In the next step, you will see two options as in the below screenshot. Click on “Choose the programs you want to install“.
  • If you select the first choice, then all Windows Essentials 2012 applications will be installed.

Install Windows Movie Maker

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  • Now in the next screen “Uncheck” everything and just keep “Checked” – Photo Gallery and Movie Maker and then click on Install Windows live Movie Maker

Windows movie maker installation

  • The Windows Movie Maker will begin the installation. Wait for a couple of mins.

Windows essentials 2012

  • Once the installation is completed, you will see the below screen. Now click Close.

Windows essentials 2012 install completed

That’s it you have successfully installed Windows Movie Maker that was bundled with Windows Essential 2012. Now go to “Cortana” and type in “Movie Maker“.

Movie Maker Cortana Search

Click on the Movie Maker Desktop App as you see in the screenshot above. A new window will pop up. Read the Windows Essentials 2012 Agreement and then click on “Accept.”

Windows Essentials 2012 aggrement

Wait for a second and you will see Windows Movie Maker on your Windows 10.

Go and start using it. Show some creativity.

Windows 10 helper Windows movie maker

I hope this Windows 10 guide on Windows Movie Maker Download On Windows 10 made it easy for you to get Windows Movie Maker 12 for your Windows 10.

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Windows Movie Maker Download On Windows 10
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