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Why Isn’t Cortana Available On My Windows 10 PC?

In my Windows 10, I noticed that there is no Windows Cortana available. I scratched my head and thought “Why Isn’t Cortana Available On My Windows 10 PC?”. I searched the Internet and went to many

I searched the Internet and went to many Windows 10 help forums searching for an answer. Some forum members advised reinstalling Windows 10 or check for updates in Windows 10 and install them to make sure Windows 10 have all the latest updates.

I also saw that some members were asking in the forum “Why Isn‚Äôt Cortana In My Region Or Language.”

After going through many threads in the Windows 10 help forums I was convinced that it just not me, many are having the same issue with Cortana.

Why Isn't Cortana Available On My Windows 10 PC

For those of you who don’t know What Is Cortana in Windows 10. I will explain it in brief. Think Cortana as a personal Virtual Assistant, who follows the commands given to her in the form of text(typing) or voice(using a mic).

Cortana can search the internet for you or can find a particular file that you are looking for on your computer.Cortana is available in Windows 10 and comes pre-pinned in the taskbar near the Start Button.

Why Isn’t Cortana Available On My Windows 10 PC?

So after reading all the answers to my Windows 10 Cortana question I do try the reinstallation of Windows 10, but even after the fresh install of Windows 10, Cortana was not there in the Taskbar.

I also attempted to find Cortana Settings but did not figure out how to solve Cortana not available problem.Frustrated by the issue I went to my Kitchen and roasted some chicken wings, it’s my favorite ūüôā and came back to my computer.Then something happened.

Follow the below steps to solve how to get Cortana to work on your PC.

  • Right click the taskbar and you will see some taskbar options as in the below screenshot.
  • Go to the “Cortana” option on the top and put your mouse over it. Eureka we found Cortana.See it was hidden and that’s why it was not showing on my taskbar.
  • Choose “Show Cortana Icon” or “Show Search Box” and toy will see the lost missing Cortana right at the place where it should be.

Cortana settings

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Now you can¬†use Cortana Windows 10. This solution helped me. If this didn’t work for you just let me know in the comments and will try to publish a tutorial on how to fix Cortana for you.

There may be other reasons for why Cortana is not working on your computer.Different users are facing various issues with Cortana.

Final Words: I hope this guide on “Why Isn’t Cortana Available On My Windows 10 PC?” helped you. If not, then just comment and let me know.

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Why Isn’t Cortana Available On My Windows 10 PC?
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  1. shows “Cortana” on menu from Taskbar properties when this item doesn’t actually appear there. completely inaccurate and useless.

  2. is there anyway Cortana will respond to questions without first being giving access to all personal
    communications, etc., of a windows 10 user???

  3. i have windows 10 due to my computer hard drive crashing. I cannot work out how to write letters etc nor copying my photos from memory stick copied from windows 7 previously. As I am a complete novice do I need to purchase Microsoft word or similar.

    • You can use the free alternative to MS word. Just search google for OpenOffice for Windows 10. Thanks.
      I hope this helps.

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