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  • I never changed my password yet windows keeps asking me for a sign in password that I cannot get my remembered password to work!! I also created a pin for my auto sign-in to my Microsoft/windows account but it is not the password that Windows10 is asking for!!! WHY WHY WHY IS THIS GETTING SO FREAKING COMPLICATED??????????????? PISSSED AS HELL RIGHT NOW!!!!!

    • Windows uses your Microsoft account username and password to get you to sign it. I do understand your concerns. But could you please check if you are able to get into your Microsoft account. If not please change your password again.

  • Thanks for this short and informative article on Use My Sign In Info To Automatically Finish Setting Up My Device After An Update!. I just enabled it and now my Windows 10 updates are going smoothly.

  • If Windows logs on by itself to finish an update, will it open the desktop to anyone near by to use the computer? or will it do so behind the scenes, where no one can just start using the computer without the need of a password?