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How Do I Know Whether To Trust A Website On Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft recommended browser Microsoft Edge is new in the internet browser’s niche. How to know whether to trust a website on Microsoft Edge is the question that is on everyone’s mind.

In this short Windows 10 guide, I will show you how you can make sure that the website you are visiting is secure and virus free.

If you see a lock icon next to a website’s address in Microsoft Edge browser, it means that what you send and receive from the site that you’re visiting is encrypted, which makes it difficult for anyone else to get this information.

How to know whether to trust a website on Microsoft Edge

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Https are mostly used in the websites that do transactions or have a massive user database stored in the database engine.

How Do I Know Whether To Trust A Website On Microsoft Edge?

The website that has a lock icon at the beginning of the URL means that the website is verified, and the company running the site has a digital certificate to prove that they own it.

This is an extra step most popular websites take to verify their identity. If you click on the lock icon you will see all the details related to verification and who owns it.

So if you go to Facebook Login, you will see a green Lock icon in front of the URL. Many hackers use the phishing technique to get your Facebook username and password.

So next time when you go to your Facebook home page from an unknown website or popup comes on your screen with Facebook log in, do verify that you has a lock icon in front of the URL and also check the URL.

This is not limited to Facebook only, whenever you login to sites that requires you to login do check the HTTPS and the lock icon.

lock icon on edge browser

While a grey lock icon indicates that the website is encrypted and authentic, a green lock icon signifies that Microsoft Edge browser considers the site more likely to be authentic.

That’s because it’s using an Extended Validation (EV) certificate, which requires a more accurate identity confirmation process.

If you have any questions do let us know by commenting below.

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  1. why am I told “Hmmm, we can’t reach this page?

  2. I am running windows 10 and I am getting the gray lock on most of the websites I try to visit. Some of the
    sites take forever to open and some don’t open at all. Why does this happen and is there a way to fix it.

  3. #Gaming_Is_Healthy

    why does edge sometimes show “Hmm… We can’t reach this page” and then, I reload the website and it does not show that message again (example:Youtube)???

  4. I am running window ten and I my getting a grey lock on my website. I can not get on coral Isle most of the time it will not load. Can you help me fix this.

  5. I have been on computers long before Windows was even created. Wins 10 Microsoft edge is a sorry excuse to even have windows label on it! I hate it …yes I hate it. I bought a new desktop with it and if it isn’t freezing up it is shutting down if it isn’t shutting down the drivers support pops up and this has been going on since day 1. Now I have changed my browser to Internet Explorer and that helped tons but now…I keep getting the locked site again! Every time I click on a page or site on FB I get the hated can’t open the page or can’t find the page with the dang lock at the top of the bar! Can I just delete the dang EDGE? What ever makes the dang lock go away! Seems I turn off a firewall in virus mcaffee to find another in edge…does this crazy every end!!! Window defender …edge and now firewalls is crazy over kill!

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